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Janice Lorraine MAIRS

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

DECEMBER 12, 1961 – APRIL 8, 2021


Our friend Nancy Holmes recently shared links to 2022 publications that included wonderful examples of writing by the wonderful former caretaker of Woodhaven, Lori Mairs.

Lori played an essential role in the Friends of Woodhaven Conservancy Society, and she continues to inspire us all, We truly miss her gentle presence in our group.


Nancy has made a project . . .

" . . . to get Lori's work out there in the world, piece by gorgeous piece."


Lori Mairs (1961-2021) lived in the forest cabin, caring for the Woodhaven Nature Conservancy, for 15 years. She was an ecological artist, a writer, a personal growth consultant, and a treasured member at large with our Friends of Woodhaven executive. Lori shared many gifts with us, always leading by example. She inspired us all to tread gently, considerate of each other and of our relationships with all members of the living world.


Recent publications with poetry and prose by Lori Mairs

Link here for three poems from Vol 38 No 1 (2022)

Link here for Issue #7, November 2022, and look for Lori's name in the prose section. They included her short lovely piece entitled Good Neighbours

Link to the story Broken, published in the Elsewhere Journal September 2022. This includes one of Lori's photographs. See if you recognize the location!

Link to Moon and More by Lori Mairs, which was published in The Learned Pig March 2022, along with another one of her own stunning photographs..


Please feel free to share the links to Lori's wonderful writing. Enjoy!

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