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Who are we?

We are a registered Canadian charity, founded by a group of neighbours of the Woodhaven Nature Conservancy. The purpose of the Society is to protect and improve the overall well-being of Woodhaven Nature Conservancy for the benefit of the public and future generations. . .


Current & Upcoming Events

  • Updates are sent out in member emails. If you would like to be on this list, please visit the Get Involved link, or our Contact page.  

  • Please also visit us on Facebook or Instagram


  • Free community event, Riparian Reanimation.   10 am, Saturday Sept 23rd, Woodhaven Nature Conservancy.  Bring a blanket.  Event will be cancelled if there is rain.  This is a fun family-friendly puppet parade and forest story-telling activity  (and if you'd like to carry a puppet during the procession, please contact us.  Thanks to those who have signed up!

  • Forest Fire Fuel Reduction Day!  The Friends of Woodhaven is committed to assisting the Regional District of the Central Okanagan in reducing the fire fuel load in Woodhaven. Last year,  high school students and several member volunteers removed 3.5 tonnes of debris from the forest.   Please join us again Saturday October 14 to haul more dead and downed wood from the forest floor.  We'll have two time slots again  (9:30 - 11:30 am or 12:30 - 2:30 pm).  Put this in your calendar, gather a crew of friends and colleagues, and join us!  The more the merrier.  


At our AGM last March, participants created this collaborative poem:

Early Spring, Woodhaven


beneath my feet

the ground thaws

wakes from its slumber

while the sounds of forest

mix with sounds of city

California quail, Toyota

Corolla, call and

response, engine light

flickers, and a hawk

scatters all the squawking birds

into the chilly woods


(collaborative poem made at Woodhaven Eco Culture Centre, March 4 2023)

  • Thanks always to @regionalparks for ongoing support ❤️  


The truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it.

David Attenborough

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