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We are a registered Canadian charity, founded by a group of neighbours of the Woodhaven Nature Conservancy. The purpose of the Society is  to protect and improve the overall well-being of Woodhaven Nature Conservancy for the benefit of the public and future generations. The aim is to do this by promoting education about the park and by hosting or facilitating free public events regarding conservation of the park’s ecosystem, the history, and culture of Woodhaven, and becoming involved in projects that support the plant and animal life found within the park.

Friends of Woodhaven Executive Members: 

Leah Shurian, Susan Neilson, Nancy Holmes, Kelly Kaloti, Lindsay Bunn
RDCO Liaison: James Chester


We acknowledge that Woodhaven is located on unceded territory of the Okanagan Nation.  Our intention is to honour this fact and to ensure our activities are based on respect for the land and its history.

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